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For most events we photograph, the photographer will be "West World Images Staff Photographer." At Bear Valley Mountain Resort and other events we photograph where we have a dialog with our customers and give them a "Photo Info Card," the photographer is used to help group images. To find your photos quickly, review your "Photo Info Card" for the photographer’s name and select that name from the drop down list of photographers. If you do not have a "Photo Info Card," select West World Images Staff Photographer.

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Frame Number

The "frame number" is the number assigned by the camera to the image when it is captured. This number usually begins with DSC or DSCF but these letters are not needed when entering the "frame number" into the search engine. At Bear Valley Mountain Resort and some of our other events, we provide this number to you as a "frame" number to help you locate images quickly and efficiently on our web site. For other events we cover, specifically where we have NO dialog with the event participant (biking, running, ski racing) the "frame" number would not be known.

NOTE: To produce exact results, frame numbers must appear exactly as they do on your Photo Info Card. Frame numbers must be entered with a space or comma separating each number. Entering numbers as a series (i.e. "10 - 12") will not produce any results, but entering them with spaces or commas (i.e. "10, 11, 12" or "10 11 12") will yield the desired results.

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Bib Number

Bib number is the number the event participant is given when participating in an event we cover. This number can be 1 or more digits and is often worn on a participants backs, chests, legs, arms, helmets and may even be written on skin. We note the bib number for each photo we take when they are used at an event. If we cannot see the bib number or no numbers were used, there would be no notation.

NOTE: Some images may not utilize this feature. If you cannot find your bib number this does not necessarily mean your photo is not in the database.

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Search Partial Bib Numbers

This option allows the user to broaden the bib number search in the event that only part of a bib number is known.

When this box is checked searching for bib number 10 may also return bib numbers 100, 1000, 101, 102, 103, and many more.

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List only no bib numbers

This option allows the user to list only photos that do not have bib numbers listed.

Checking this box will ignor the input in the Bib Number and Search Partial Bib Numbers fields and list only photos that have nothing listed in their comments.

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Photo Number

The "photo number" is a unique number we assign to each image when we add new event and new photos to our online database. This number is sequential and, unlike camera assigned numbers, is used only once in our system. Generally, customers will know the "photo number" only after having found the image in our online database through another search (bib number, frame number, etc.) We use the photo number to verify an image before we make the final print. If you know the photo number of the image you are searching for, simply enter it into the "photo number" field.

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